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Hello Pilates Friends!


A little about me. I have been doing the Pilates Method for over 20 years and have been teaching since 2010. A significant injury and a long recovery lead me to Pilates Teacher Training.  I ruptured my Achilles Tendon, on crutches for 2 months including minimal weight-bearing for 3 months. I found the only way to make it through grueling physical therapy was a strong core. I would lie down on my mat every day while in recovery, put my Pilates tape in the VCR and do my workout. Pilates, a determined mindset and an awesome Physical Therapist helped me get back on the tennis court one month before my original goal.  After a full recovery, I went on to become certified in the Pilates Method.


I am trained in Contemporary Pilates but have done extensive work in Classical Pilates. My teaching has a wonderful combination of the original work of Joseph Pilates and Contemporary Exercises


Pilates Academy International:

600 hour Pilates Mat, Reformer, Chair and Tower Training

Advanced Pilates Mat Training

Kane School:

Cadillac and Chair Certification


Advanced Reformer, Tower and Chair

Endless Anatomy Courses

ELDOA for Spinal Decompression:

Level 1 Student Instructor

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