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Welcome! I am Nancy Lochtefeld, owner of Nearwater Pilates. I love nothing more than helping people with their fitness goals. Whether clients are in the studio with me, joining me LIVE on Zoom, or practicing in their own space with a video from the on-demand library, I am committed to inspire all of my clients on a pain-free journey to health and wellness.

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"Pilates has changed my life both physically and spiritually. My body is healthier, stronger and better toned thanks to Nancy!”


“Nancy is authentic, engaged and motivating. ”


"ACL Replacement would not have been easy without Nancy and Pilates. Huge thanks to Nearwater Pilates!”


On Demand

Nearwater Pilates On Demand

At home, or on the go! Practice where you want. The on-line library has many classes to choose from. Classes include use of props such as light weights, a small ball and a resistance band, but all classes can be done without props! A pillow for neck support, a belt for stretching… using what you have with you is a great way to safely enhance your workouts.

On Demand

Roll, Roll, Roll Your Body!

Foam Roller and Light Weights

Stretch and Strengthen 2

Thera Band workout

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